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Breitling Headwind

Swiss watch because long-term wearing, will bear the brunt of the strap is to wear, the trouble kjdfvbhjkchn is strap Breitling Headwind clasp and bad, screw bolts or other type of connection to appear or fall off, surface scratches, gold-plated layer fading, etc.How to maintain the metal bracelet?1, first need to check regularly strap quarter and shell between between with pins and spring bolt, preventing appear replica Breitling Headwind or wear situation appear, often appear, will be trimmed or change in time.2, gold-plated case Breitling Aerospace strap Swiss watches, the proposal as far as possible only in summer wear, or winter change belt.3, strap discount part is the most vulnerable, it also peace wear relevant, open the movement should be closed light delay.K gold or gold plated watchband, to avoid contact with water cut of silver chemicals, usually prepare undershirt cloth replica Breitling Aerospace gloves, do more of the surface of the brush try. Some white K gold watchband, its surface rhodium, do not do burnish, otherwise you will leak out the impression to become yellow.5, tungsten steel strap to prevent Breitling SuperOcean the hit and big pull &torque.Metal bracelet wearing a long time, is relatively easy to hide, Wu scale, hoarding in table festival juncture place be soiled by dirt and enjoy the spoils of mixed together, is not looking health, so need regular cleaning.1, professional way is to need to strap removed do cleaning, the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, cleaning solution is to add water replica BreitlingSuperOcean washing spirit, depending on the degree of dirty, dirt serious will be done a few times more cleaning, and then rinse with water and electric fan drying. if going to personal own cleaning, the proposal is also to be removed the strap do, in hot water addition of suitable amount of washing spirit, first bubble up 10 minutes, and then using a soft bristle brush scrub. After the completion of the reoccupy clear water is rinsed, electric fan drying.
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