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soccer jersey 2012

10-11 season, good for a season, zlatan ibrahimovic, robbie, Antonio cassano and ducks, everyone is a real big star, and together they dedicated for us the perfect one season. With our kjdfvbhjkchn new sponsors, we soccer jersey 2012 will gain the champions league, perhaps the New Jersey give me a better luck. 11-12 season, this is obviously the version restoring ancient ways, also have a little bit of flavor of 08. Must be a front to honor to consign, but this is a effect shirt, and buy soccer jersey there is no printed on the Italian champions symbol shield, believe that it will make up. We like in the new season, milan can bring us more honor and pleasure. Love sports friends, from you in touch with a movement to now must have a shirt, a shirt will be number, maybe the first a jersey number is casual choice, but-the second body, and the third body? I started playing football from high school, to now through 9 set in jersey. Choose the most number is 9, because I've been played forward, 9 is the first choice. The rest of the every jersey number (but are some relationships and 9) have some story, and talk to you chat.The shirt is a Dutch 9,France Jersey because the time just contact football, do not know much about the situation. Only know that followed in the class understand football hydrating blind, bought Dutch shirt. At the time, none of the strange germany soccer jersey and I rob 9, because many people focus on the number 10. Also because of my position relationships, let's feel the first a shirt or very suitable for their own. Also is the time too devotion of playing football, almost be old class to "on" the, Brazil jersey kick of the duchy, study result in a great mess. But fortunately, football or gave me some comfort, I at senior high school as the captain of our class, and won the title that year the football match, from that time began to "orange storm" this view, for us to win the title from after until graduation are not lost any a class the team. When is the one that is too "scene", my third jersey number 18 occur (behind mentioned).
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